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Comprising three 20-minute episodes, the series provides a detailed look at prison life from the perspective of those living it. Through their lens, viewers gain an intimate understanding of the challenges and struggles faced by prisoners on a daily basis.

To bring this story to life, the documentary employs a sophisticated GFX approach, which is divided into two main sections. The first involves an onscreen graphics package, complete with a bespoke 3D animation for the title card. The second section involves a highly confidential procedure for protecting inmates' identities, achieved through the use of Snapchat-style filters tracked onto the footage. While manual tracking was necessary for some shots, the end result is a visually stunning and highly effective technique that serves to further immerse viewers in the inmates' world.

Client: Channel 4
Production: Dare Pictures
Producers: Joe Sullivan & Martin Read
GFX: Zach F Evans

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