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Carers Trust Wales, in partnership with local authorities from across Wales, is supporting a new Welsh Government funded ID card scheme to help young carers in Wales to be identified, feel validated, and receive the support they deserve.

What is the Young Carers ID card (YCID)?

The YCID, or Young Carers ID card, is a simple card to help professionals including doctors, teachers and pharmacists to recognise them and support them appropriately. Cards may look different across Wales but all will contain a photo of the young carer, their date of birth, and an expiration date, as well as contact information for Carers Trust Wales and their local authority and young carers services. All cards and accompanying resources will display the Young Carers ID card logo, which was designed by two young carers.

Working with Red Beetle Films and two courageous young carers, we designed the new ID card logos to be used across all of the local authorities in Wales.

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